NASP Cargo Security Training Programme | INTERNET DELIVERY

Courses Offered

NASP Cargo Courses

NASP Cargo Security Training

  • Level 4 – General Awareness
  • Level 1 – Basic hand Search and x-ray
  • Level 2 – Security Supervisors
  • Level 3 – Security Managers

NASP Cargo - Refresher Training

  • Level 2 – Supervisory Refresher – approx time 2 hours
  • Level 3 – Managerial Refresher – approx 3 hours

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Health & Safety - Click each category below for more information

Fire Safety Awareness

The Fire Safety (Regulatory Reform) Order 2005 states that it’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all staff receive suitable fire training.

BAA also requires all employers, operating at their Airports, to provide annual confirmation that training meeting the standards of the Fire Safety Order has been undertaken.

Improving your Hiring and Recruitment Decisions

Hire the best people, keep them longer, maximise their talent, cut absenteeism, reduce accidents and improve safety records. This might seem wishful thinking but all of it is possible:

  • through the use of ability and personality questionnaires to improve your recruitment selection;
  • training and appraisals to enhance performance;
  • coaching and career management to keep employees on track and committed.

These assessment tools enable better, faster and more informed hiring decisions, that result in better productivity and performance overall. Cathy Pacific have drastically reduced their accident and absenteeism rates through introducing a pre-employment aptitude test; assessing individuals attitude to risk.

Insight 2 consists of Human Resources, training specialists and Psychologists, who are able to advise you in the most effective ways to improve your selection and development of staff. We are able, to offer a full range of ability, pre-employment and personality questionnaires, either online or paper and pencil, some of which take as little as 10 minutes to complete.

GSAT Courses

General Awareness Security Training (GSAT)

  • The Threat to Aviation
  • Objectives and organisations of Aviation Security
  • Access Control and Restricted Zone Protection
  • Recognition of and Dealing with Prohibited Articles
  • Your Role in Aviation Security
  • Handling a Threat

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Performance Appraisal

Employees are often the most valuable asset of any firm as such companies and managers need professionally managed performance appraisal systems to ensure that business objectives are achieved.

Performance management systems are now also crucial to managing the continuing professional development required by many of the professional bodies, such as the FSA, CIPD and CIMA as well as being essential management tools for successful firms.

Insight 2 has worked with a number of firms:

  • Designing and introducing European wide performance management systemsIntroducing European wide 360° competency based performance management system
  • Drafting competency models
  • Conducting workshops for managers to enable them to develop their understanding of the principles of performance management, setting and evaluating objectives and developing confidence in providing performance feedback
  • Running workshops for employees to enhance their understanding of the process and the importance of thinking about their performance, career development and training requirements in advance of the appraisal meeting
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