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Online training enables you to train staff where and when you want 24/7, overcoming the logistical problems of remote location, overtime, travelling expenses and ensures a consistent delivery of the key training objectives. Client feedback shows that our online Cargo General Awareness course saves over 400 man hours for every 100 staff classroom trained and takes half the time of classroom training. Access to the courses is via a secure password which links to our secure server /website. The training can then be completed from any pc, either at home or at work and it can be stopped and started as you wish.

Staff can complete the training from any pc and the randomised assessment and secure login means they don't need to be supervised. You can complete the full course and assessment on line and print off your certificate on completion.

From the company's perspective once we have the trainees’ names no further administration is required. The programme incorporates a sophisticated records database which automatically stores training records, passmarks, and refresher training dates by individual, location and department.

We would provide you with administration access to this system and database, allowing you to monitor completion records and you never have to worry about filing paper records again; every time a trainee uses the course the database automatically updates the record.

Advantages of our online training:

  • Unlike cd-roms and DVD’s which quickly get out of date and need to be re-purchased when any changes are made, the internet course will always be current and we will ensure that it is in line with the changing regulatory requirements.
  • We don't believe our responsibility to you ends on purchase of the course and we will provide telephone and email support and assistance if required.
  • Online training offers significant cost savings on classroom training with GSAT taking no more than 1.5 hours to complete

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