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Mark provides the classroom delivery of security training where required and as well as the practical modules of x-ray and handsearch. He has over 11 years experience of working as an aviation security trainer. Prior to this he served with the Royal Engineers for 13 years, undertaking a number of overseas postings.

He undertook two 4 month tours in Arctic Warfare Training with the Royal Marines in Norway and undertook operational tours in the South Atlantic. As well as completing offshore Fire Fighting & Survival training, mine warfare and explosives cadre.

Mark worked for the ADI Group (now Securicor), as an Aviation Security Training Consultant, where he was responsible for the creation and delivery of Department for Transport approved training programmes to a wide range of aviation personnel up to flight crew and airport manager level.

He is experienced in compiling risk assessments and security awareness training packages to aircrew working and traveling abroad. As well as being conversant, and qualified to train, in a broad range of technical screening systems i.e. x-ray and vapour/particle detection methods.

Mark is certified to train:

  • all Levels of the NASP Cargo Security training Regime
  • Security Instructors course level 4.
  • Fire arms and recognition of firearms, explosives and incendiary devices level 5.
  • Aircrew Instructors course.
  • Air Cargo/Catering Security levels 1 - 4.
  • Surveillance, Anti & Counter Surveillance awareness.
  • Threat and risk assessment. Security auditing.
  • CP driving and convoy procedures. Vehicle anti-ambush drills.

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Martin provides Insight2 Aviation Security with expert industry knowledge of the Aviation and Maritime Security sectors and is one of classroom trainers. 2. He has over 30 years experience within the Aviation industry. During his career he has worked with BOAC, BA and the ADI Group undertaking a number of roles including Security Training Consultant, Terminal Supervisor, Recruitment Officer for baggage, security and driving staff employed at Heathrow.

He is certified to train all levels of the NASP Cargo Security training regime, as well Level 4 Aircrew Instructors, Level 5 Firearms and Explosives Recognition, BABS Airline Reservation Systems and Passenger Documentation.

Martin is also registered to administer psychometric testing.

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Pippa is a Business Psychologist specialising in Training and development, HR, performance measurement, psychometric assessment, organisational change, coaching & career management. She has over 22 years experience working within the Aviation, Investment Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, IT and Media sectors, both as a consultant and head of department.

She is an accredited aviation security trainer, with the Department of Transport, and is accredited to provide all levels of the NASP Cargo Training and the General Security Awareness Training Programmes.

Pippa was Head of HR and Training for Nomura International and prior to this was Head of European Training at Chemical Bank where she was instrumental in the implementation of cultural change programmes, competency based appraisal and selection systems and attitude surveys.

In ’97 she joined F&C managing the HR & Training Department and following Eureko’s purchase spent an intensive 2 year period co-ordinating the integration of Friends First in Ireland, BCP in Portugal, and Achmea in the Netherlands. Pippa has also undertaken a number of International assignments across East Europe, Africa and Middle East. During the Gulf war she was responsible for the counselling of staff held hostage in Kuwait and Iraq.

She has an honours degree in Occupational Psychology, a post-grad diploma in Manpower Studies and is a Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development.

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Brian Cooper is Insight 2’s Business Development and Client Liaison Director. In December 04 he joined Insight 2 full time, to develop our online e-learning capabilities, particularly focusing on Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods.

Brian has spent the last 18 years working within the financial sector. He has degree in Chemistry and received a scholarship to complete an MBA at Edinburgh University. Prior to this he worked as a teacher in Barcelona.

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