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Getting Started:

For all Trainees:

For all Administrators:

For each pc you want to use it is important to check that the system requirements have been met.
Before entering your user name on the login screen you should click “Check my system requirements” - this will automatically check that the programme will run properly. Once you have received your user name and password you can start training.

The most common issue is a popup blocker stopping the programme running. Popup blockers on Google and Yahoo need to be switched off.  Within Internet Explorer security settings should be set to medium and popups allowed.

Starting the training:

To start the course Complete the password and login boxes, using the password details supplied to you.

For example Username – Another; Password – password
When you first logon you will be asked to change the password to a new one of your choice.

Taking Breaks:

As each training module is self contained you can take a break from the training whenever you wish. You simply need to log back in, using your password details to resume the training.

Please remember though that you need to complete the module you are studying otherwise you will be asked to complete it again.

Completing the Assessments:

Each module ends with a multiple choice test. The pass mark is set at 75% and you can attempt the test three times. If you do not pass at the third attempt you will referred back to your Training Manager.

The course is designed to allow you to review the training material as many times as you wish and it recommended that you review the areas, you were unsuccessful in before attempting to re-take the test.

Printing the Certificates:

On successful completion of the course you can print off your own certificate. Please refer to the Certificate Instruction Note for further information on how to set up the print margins.

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